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summer spells

“It’s gotta be virgin blood,” Ell said, looking meaningfully at the circled girls.

Virgi propped her peg-leg atop Ell’s backpack and snorted. “What? Gawd Ell, you’re so gullible! Tristan probably said that so he’d know who to shag.”

Lisabet, green eyes blinking like an owl behind her spectacles, giggled and looked back down at the weather-worn book between her knees. “No virgin blood, but we can cast an obliteration spell with just a bit of dragon tongue.”

“The book’s probably rubbish,” said Hen, lupine eyes scanning the apple grove.

Virgi grinned. “Then let’s authenticate it, shall we?”

(Written for The Prediction. Challenge words: obliterate, peg, virgin)

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