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Previously… (1) There Will Be War, (2) Blood for Blood, (3) Troublesome, (4) The Mad Queen, (5) Not a Stitch

More mountain than man, Eldaris Tembe-Aurelius towered over Morgan as she lounged in her chair, however despite their extreme difference in size, the northerner eyed her like one would a winter-starved bear. His odd sand-colored eyes glanced towards Queen Fiaena, standing calmly in a hooded jacket, before returning to Morgan’s expectant face.

“What do you require of Hellthoria, War Mistress,” Eldaris said, tone neutral.

“Quindar has finally decided to move his army against us. The preparations have been made?”

“As requested. Our Sky Mistress has prepared thirty of her dal’Shashar.”

“Good. Wait for my signal.”

“We will watch the skies.”

(Written for The Prediction. Challenge words: jacket, neutral, sand)

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