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Previously… (1) There Will Be War, (2) Blood for Blood, (3) Troublesome, (4) The Mad Queen, (5) Not a Stitch, (6) Eldaris

Quindar’s dulcet voice hummed across her left bare shoulder, as Morgan sat in her bath. Pursing her lips in irritation, she cursed the failed wards. A sideways glance detected a large green beetle, almost indistinguishable from the patina on the tub’s rim. For a moment, she considered flicking it into the water and watching it drown.

“Enjoying yourself, pet?” Quindar said through the enthralled bug.

“Still skittering into places you’re not wanted, I see.”

His laugh flushed her skin. “I’m told you have dal’Shashar. A bluff, perhaps?”

“Scared, Quindar?”

“Amused, but I’ve let you play off leash for too long.”

(Written for The Prediction. Challenge words: dulcet, bluff, patina)

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