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insult to injury

Previously… (1) Thorn

Lara was immediately enthralled by Arshad’s heated gaze, her lids drooping drunkenly as he stalked towards the bar. Mouth thinning, Olivare made a terse sound in her throat, a multi-toned whinny, that snapped Lara upright. The woman blinked in confusion, hand reaching uncertainly for the Davorsha dagger on her hip, as Arshad seated himself.

“Don’t serve many of your kind at the Lady’s Thorn,” Olivare said, pouring a generous portion of dark Tandack wine into a clean glass.

“I’d expected to find my Blooded Archer in a brothel, not tending a bar.”

Lara’s dagger slammed between Arshad’s fingers. “Apologize!”

(Written for The Prediction. Challenge words: archer, lid, whinny)

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