Jaen eyed the dented roof dubiously, as rain hammered on the metal with all the subtly of a queue of enthusiastic cloggers. “Cozy,” she said, her voice implying anything but.

“We can’t all afford penthouses like Lennox. So, what brings her favorite beagle to my door?” Grinning, Callon lifted a beer can to his mouth and punctured the aluminum with an elongating canine.

Jaen’s eyes sharped dangerously. “Have you seen the paper recently? I say seen, since I have sincere doubts you can read.”

“Hah! So this is about Sirius. He shows up and the proverbial abyss yawns yet again.”

Previously… (1) Hunting in the Park

(Written for The Prediction. Challenge words: paper, queue, yawn)

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storyteller, artist, & fervent mountain roamer. find my collection of flash fiction, Unusual Diction, at Amazon.com.

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