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rotten fruit

“Well, you know what happened last time he passed through,” Jaen said. She crossed her legs again, as though attempting, unsuccessfully, to keep both feet from making lengthy contact with Callon’s floor.

Callon watched her movements with a wicked, knowing smile, and drained another beer. “He only pruned the royal tree of a few rotten apples.”

“He obliterated the whole damn forest.”

Callon snorted. “Like Lennox was unhappy about her rivals disappearing. Sirius essentially gave her a gold-stuffed lode.”

“Yes, but apparently her abrupt rise to power drew the interest of the Keldoor Brothers.”

Callon choked. “Well shit.”

Previously… (1) Hunting in the Park, (2) Hounded

(Written for The Prediction. Challenge words: lode, obliterate, pass)

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