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wait it out

An expression of contentment tugged on the corners of Callon’s mouth, as he stared at the TV over Jaen’s shoulder.

Growling, Jaen gave him a none-too-subtle jab in the ribs. “Here we are discussing Sirius’ skill with rib bones and ribboned muscle, and a damn hockey game turns out to be your lullaby. Wipe that flaccid look off your face, and focus.”

Callon tapped his temple with a bottle of beer. “Multitasking, Jaen dear. So, perhaps we let Sirius complete the summoning. Give the Keldoor Brothers something to play with.”

“And put our heads in a sack? No thank you.”

Read the on-going story here

(Written for The Prediction. Challenge words: flaccid, lullaby, sack)

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