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I am a speculative fiction writer who roams and writes in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, children, and a dog who believes she’s a shark. I’m currently working on a novel, but I also like to write flash fiction here on my blog.

Other places you can find me online: Goodreads, Instagram, Twitter & 500px (my photography)

Stories Published

Caught“, 101 Fiction, Issue 21, December 2018.
Mama’s Chest of Bones“, Wyrd & Wyse, Issue the Fourth, December 2018.
“Lawbringer”, Wyrd & Wyse, Issue the Third, September 2018.
Eyesore“, 101 Fiction, Issue 19, June 2018.
“A Wish in the Dark”, Wyrd & Wyse, Issue the First, December 2017.
Unusual Diction: A Collection of Character-Driven Flash Fiction, Available in Paperback or for Kindle, June 2015.


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