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for the love of art

I’ve been enjoying this final month of 2015 with a serenity that has sunk bone-deep. I feel hopeful and excited for the next year. 2015 was a busy, frantic year and I would like to learn to be more thoughtful and present, to truly savor everything I put my mind and attention to. Instead of constantly consuming, I want to make 2016 my most creative year. I want to see what I can make with my own hands, and fill my free hours with drawing and writing. It will be fun to see what I accomplish. 🙂

I’ve been drawing more than writing lately, as I don’t have to use my conscious brain quite so much. 😉 Here’s a quick hour sketch I did of Rachael Taylor. There are a few things I probably should change, but I’m going to leave her as is. 🙂

May your December, and every month after, be magical and full of creative wonder. 🙂